About Us

The griots were the people who told stories to their family and the other people.

The African Griot Book Fair

At The African Griot Book Fair we desire to impress the importance of reading and literacy to our families and children.

The African Griot Book Fair is proud to announce that we are now going mobile! We can come to your church, school, home school, community organization, senior center or day care.

We  can arrange a program to fit the educational and entertainment needs of your clients. 

We can bring Storytellers, griots, magician, puppeteer, free books, BBQ, and more...

It's through books, culturally reflective images and connections with our ancestors that we wish to accomplish this endeavo

Quieting the spirit

Yoga, Tal Chi & Meditation

We feel the need for us to find alternative eays to address our children's needs.

One thing that grownups are perpetually concerned about in kids is attention. Studies have shown the effects of meditation on attention in adults with and without ADD/ADHD, and there’s some evidence that it can help kids focus, too. 

Community Gardens


We understand the need for healthy foods in areas which have no fresh foods in the neighborhood. 

To address this we have a program to teach agricultural skills and food prep